Our Technology

In the logistics industry, Jaguar Logistics considers technology to be a vital asset for providing our clients exceptional standards of service. Our courier management system keeps real-time communications and tracking documentation, affording you peace of mind throughout the experience, and allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.

Below are just some of our advanced technology that each of our customers enjoy.

  • Online ordering and tracking
  • Electronic invoicing or online viewing
  • Signature capture
  • GPS monitored service providers
  • Scanning capabilities
  • Standard or customized reporting
  • Email notifications on any part of the service cycle

There is no need to worry about shopping for another company. With Jaguar Logistics, you can find all your logistical needs with one company.

  • Seasonal: Holidays, summer, peak seasons
  • Volume Spikes: Marketing campaigns, sales, and liquidations
  • Temp to Hire: Position that may require permanent employees
  • Local or Over-the-Road (OTR): Maintain deliveries due to vacations, sickness, jury duty, or other unexpected absences
  • Continuous Flow: Deliveries maintained due to vacation, sickness, and unscheduled fluctuations in work force

  • All drivers are equipped with the latest technology to reduce risk, increase reliability, and maximize efficiency
  • Latest 3D scanning / smart device
  • Streaming data capabilities
  • Signature capture
  • Constant GPS Ping
  • No Interruption in data streaming 

  • Jaguar Logistics offers online ordering 24/7
  • Our system remembers your prior pickup and delivery locations for ease of use and efficiency
  • Your administrator sets priorities for all of your online users
  • You can track your orders throughout the day and immediately see an electronic signature once it has been delivered

  • Color coding provides dispatchers the ability to prioritize medical orders and proactively avoid problems
  • Intelligent routing capabilities allows a dispatcher to send service providers sequence and directions for each or all jobs at the same time through their mobile device to maximize effectiveness, efficiency, and time
  • Live chat capability with service providers to capitalize on communication and minimize delays and errors
  • Visual display of all drivers and stops allows dispatchers to load balance providers to avoid missed service commitments

  • Jaguar Logistics has online reporting to allow you ease of managing your delivery records
  • The online reporting allows you to choose from a vast array of reports to include daily delivery times, proof of delivery, and delivery costs to name a few
  • The reporting can be pulled for any period of time or other criteria you select
  • If we do not have the report you need, we have customized solutions to meet your business requirements

  • Constant GPS ping from all drivers via their scanner
  • Screen refreshes every 90 seconds and displayed on 50” screen in central dispatch center
  • Allows visual location for dispatchers to assign work properly to meet critical deadlines
  • Enables our customer service representatives to proactively contact you if there are any delays

  • Jaguar Logistics dispatch system allows us to plot all of your daily or scheduled stops
  • Flexibility to add length of each stop and designated close times
  • Ensures your routes are executed with the best efficiency and meet your service commitments
  • Allows for ease of training and unexpected route coverage

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