Our Company

Combining over 125 years of logistics management and dispatch experience from the courier/ logistics industry with unprecedented standards, Jaguar Logistics has redefined and evolved the formerly accepted standards.  We have raised the bar and now it is simply the daily philosophy embraced and endorsed by each member of the Jaguar Logistics team.

Execution at Jaguar Logistics is defined as adhering to the customer's critical and time-sensitive delivery needs. We understand the voice of the customer and work extremely hard to meet and exceed their expectations.

Jaguar Logistics can help clients with their medical, legal, contracts, engineering drawings, personal, and out-of-the ordinary deliveries and more. We understand the nuances in the various types of deliveries and provide extensive training to our drivers. We also have dedicated drivers for short to long-term needs, and the ability to move Less Than Truckload (LTL) merchandise.

Jaguar Logistics attracts, screens, and hires only the best couriers. Only those that pass the stringent requirements get the chance to become a team member. Management is the same way where only those with proven track records can call themselves Jaguar Logistics employees. In addition, Jaguar Logistics is committed to improving its service through technology and process improvement. With a state-of-the-art dispatch system, and continuous modifications and improvements to its procedures, Jaguar Logistics provides the best service in the industry.

Whether you are delivering medical records or dropping off a blood sample, it is critical that you can trust your lab logistics provider to be safe and efficient. Your courier must not only use advanced equipment and technology to make sure your deliveries get to their destination on time, its employees must also be certified and thoroughly trained. The professionals with Jaguar Logistics want you to be as informed as possible when making this extremely important decision.read more...Read More
Law firms in a fast-paced city such as Dallas need their vital documents delivered quickly and reliably. When it comes to courier service, Dallas law firms should seriously consider hiring a third-party provider to make sure deadlines are met efficiently and effectively. At Jaguar Logistics, we have helped several area law firms with their delivery services. We'd like to share some information with you regarding why your firm would be better off outsourcing your courier services.read more...Read More
Route optimization is a service that you should always insist upon when choosing a courier delivery service because it ensures that you will get the most cost-efficient and effective performance possible. This not only helps assure that vital materials will arrive at their destination on time, it will also help to boost your bottom line. At Jaguar Logistics, we are continually looking at ways to not only maximize customer service but also to keep customer expenses down.read more...Read More