We Are Hiring

Jaguar Logistics is looking for punctual, reliable and experienced drivers to join our team.  We are only as good as the people who represent us.  We are looking for couriers who care about what they are doing; want to make a difference and care about the client’s experience.  To make sure we accomplish this, we will send you through a comprehensive orientation program to ensure you meet our requirements on the road and are ready to handle sensitive medical specimens in the field.

  • Are you an experienced courier with a professional appearance?
  • Do you have a fuel efficient and well running vehicle in good shape?
  • Need flexible hours with a company that can offer work around the clock to meet your need, weekends also?
  • Do you have a critical eye for detail / data & specimen integrity and want to be a part of the Patient Care Cycle?
  • Do you have an excellent sense of urgency which is necessary to succeed in the courier field?
  • How strong is your courier IQ?

Complete the information below or call us to discuss how you might be able to join the team and add value to Jaguar Logistics.

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Whether you are delivering medical records or dropping off a blood sample, it is critical that you can trust your lab logistics provider to be safe and efficient. Your courier must not only use advanced equipment and technology to make sure your deliveries get to their destination on time, its employees must also be certified and thoroughly trained. The professionals with Jaguar Logistics want you to be as informed as possible when making this extremely important decision.read more...Read More
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Route optimization is a service that you should always insist upon when choosing a courier delivery service because it ensures that you will get the most cost-efficient and effective performance possible. This not only helps assure that vital materials will arrive at their destination on time, it will also help to boost your bottom line. At Jaguar Logistics, we are continually looking at ways to not only maximize customer service but also to keep customer expenses down.read more...Read More